Riverside, CA, dentist offers care for kids

Did you know that your Riverside Dental Group team treats patients of all ages? This means that you can schedule a visit for your whole family in the same place. Your little one’s oral health is just as important as your own, so do not forget to bring them in for a routine checkup as well. These visits help monitor common problems, track the growth of their smile, and help teach good habits that can be carried out throughout their life.

When To Bring Your Kids In

You can bring your young one in for their first visit around the age of one-year-old. At this point, they will have grown their first baby tooth. This appointment is used to get them comfortable with the dental team and familiar with the office. After this, regular visits can begin and include a cleaning and examination. These visits are important because they help track their development, detect potential concerns early, and allow you to ask any questions you may have. You can set a good example for your child by practicing a good oral hygiene routine and seeing the dentist regularly, too.

What The Dentist Checks For

Pediatric dental visits are similar to your adult appointments, but they may vary slightly. First, the hygienist will clean their teeth, floss, and polish their pearly whites. This helps remove plaque buildup and makes it difficult for harmful bacteria to turn into cavities. After the cleaning, the dentist will examine their smile. They may use X-rays or other images to get a precise look at their alignment, check for signs of decay, and more. Cavities are common among younger patients, so their team may suggest fluoride treatments or sealants to create an extra barrier of protection. If decay is spotted, restorations such as dental fillings can be done to repair the tooth after a cavity.

Helping Our Patients Feel Comfortable

Going to the dentist may not be enjoyable for all patients. If your little one has special needs or experiences high feelings of anxiety during their appointment, you can discuss sedation options with our team. Our team will do their best to ensure your child feels at-ease during their visit so that they can get the essential preventive care.

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