Riverside, CA, dentist offers braces and Invisalign

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of straightening your teeth may be? This is for more than just aesthetic reasons. Having a properly aligned smile can improve your oral hygiene, ability to chew and speak, and make sure that your jaw functions correctly. Your Riverside Dental Group in California offers several types of orthodontic methods that allow you to customize your treatment. Today, we will discuss the differences between these.

Correcting Your Smile The Traditional Way

When you think of orthodontic treatment, the first thing that comes to mind may be metal braces. These are metal brackets and wires held in place by colorful rubber bands. This traditional method is often used for younger patients or those with more severe misalignment concerns. On average, treatment time for this can take around one to two years. Patients can begin wearing braces around their pre-teen or teenage years. This option can help correct bite problems and uneven teeth. As a result, you will have a straighter smile and a properly functioning oral cavity. If alignment problems are left untreated, it could create problems for your oral health.

Discovering More Discreet Options

Traditional braces are a helpful method for a variety of needs, but they may not always be the most visually appealing. For older teenage or adult patients, we offer other options that are less visible to others. One method is esthetic braces that come in clear or gold instead of stainless steel. Alternatively, there is also Invisalign which uses clear trays to gradually shift your teeth into the correct placement. This option takes about the same length of time as braces but has the added benefit of being virtually invisible. You will wear the trays for the majority of the day and remove them when eating or doing your oral hygiene routine. Your dentist will instruct you on when to move on to the next set and will monitor your adjustments.

When To Get Started

The orthodontic process begins before appliances are used. You can bring your child in for their consultation around the age of seven. During this time, the orthodontist will examine their smile and create an efficient treatment plan. If you were unable to get this done as a child, it is not too late. Correcting your overcrowded or crooked teeth can help improve your appearance, oral health, and function of your oral cavity.

Learn More About Your Treatment Options

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