Riverside, CA, dentist offers mouthguards to protect your smile

What steps do you take to keep your smile healthy? You might practice a consistent oral hygiene routine and see your dentist regularly to prevent cavities and other concerns. If you play sports, you may need to take a further precaution with mouth guards. This tool can help protect your teeth from injuries that can happen when playing contact sports. Riverside Dental Group in California can help create a personalized appliance made to fit your specific needs.

Prevent The Need For Extensive Restorations

Playing sports can be a fun way to stay active and healthy. However, contact sports can put you at risk of injuries. If you crack a tooth or have one accidentally knocked out, you will need to visit your dentist for restorations. To prevent the need for several restorations throughout the season, protective measures such as mouthguards can be used to guard your teeth, gums, and tongue.

Some of the most common sports-related injuries can be broken or chipped teeth. This may happen if someone bumps into you during the game. Fracturing one of your pearly whites can cause discomfort and can worsen if not treated in time. Dental crowns may be used to fix a damaged tooth and protect the crack from worsening. Wearing a mouth guard can help reduce the chances of injury.

Protect Your Braces From Damage

Orthodontic treatment can be an investment of time and money. If your little one plays contact sports and is going through orthodontic care, a mouth guard can help protect their braces from damage. The guard will be created to fit snuggly over their orthodontic appliances and protect them from breaking or harming their oral cavity. This protective tool comes in a variety of colors, so your little one can get a guard that matches their team colors.

Your child can begin orthodontic treatment around the age of seven years old. When you bring them in for their first consultation, we’ll examine their smile and assess their misalignment. We may start phase one treatment to help guide the growth of their jaw before starting braces or Invisalign. Then, when their smile has fully developed, the straightening process can begin. If your child plays sports, mouthguards can be worn to help ensure that their smile is not harmed throughout this process.

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