Riverside, CA, dentist offers checkups for your whole family

It may seem unnecessary to visit your dentist regularly when you take proper care of your smile at home. However, biannual cleanings and examinations do more than safeguard your teeth from cavities. Today, your Riverside, CA, dental group is here with a reminder to come in for your next checkup. These visits can detect concerns early and keep your smile healthy.

Checkups Are Important For Your Entire Family

Dental visits are essential for patients of all ages, from young children to adults. You can bring your little one in for their first appointment as soon as they develop their first few teeth. This visit helps them get comfortable with the team and process. Regular checkups can continue every six months following this.

These checkups include a cleaning and an examination. During the cleaning, plaque buildup will be removed using special tools. Brushing and flossing at home can help prevent plaque from building up, but once it has hardened, it can be difficult to remove on your own. Having your teeth cleaned by a professional reduces the chances of tooth decay and gingivitis in the future. Then, your dentist will thoroughly examine your oral cavity to look for signs of cavities, oral cancer, and other potential concerns.

Avoid The Need For Emergency Care

In many cases, problems like decay and gingivitis can go unnoticed for several months. You may notice mild signs like sensitivity or swollen gums, but these can often be ignored until later. By detecting them early, they can be treated in a timely manner and avoid significant damage. We can help you when you need urgent dental care, but taking proper care of your smile can help prevent oral health emergencies.

If you begin to notice signs like extreme sensitivity when eating or toothaches, don’t wait until your next checkup to have this problem examined by your dentist. This could be a sign of a cavity and will need to be treated as soon as possible. If decay is ignored, it can continue to worsen and lead to a serious cavity that may require a root canal or tooth extraction. Of course, not all emergencies can be avoided with preventive care. If you break a tooth or experience other concerns, our team can help guide you through the situation and restore your smile.

Schedule Your Cleaning Today

Preventive dental checkups can protect your smile. Call your nearest Riverside Dental Group location today to schedule an appointment for your family.

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