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Your Riverside Dentist Talks About: Cracked Teeth

One thing that can provide you with quite a shock is the realization that you have a cracked tooth. For some, the crack is so hard to detect that unless you’re in the right type of lighting, it goes unnoticed. For others, biting into a hard piece of food can create a significant and extremely… Read more »

Canker Sores: Your Moreno Valley Dentist Covers FAQs

Are you someone who occasionally gets a canker sore? Perhaps they show up more frequently than you would like but so far, no complications have arisen. That’s because these otherwise annoying, shallow ulcers are just that: Annoying but generally not harmful to your oral health. However, we know that you might have some questions that your Moreno… Read more »

Your Riverside Dentist Explains Reasons To Avoid Decay

You might think to yourself that avoiding tooth decay is purely a point of pride. After all, it feels good to know you’re taking excellent care of your teeth and that you don’t need to return until your next checkup and cleaning. However, this sense of achievement is often insufficient when it comes to keeping patients… Read more »

3 Reasons To Check In With Your Temecula Dentist

You know that it’s important to schedule dental checkups with your Temecula dentist to protect your oral health. However, you might not know what makes this so important or whether there are other times when it’s a good idea to schedule a visit. The fantastic news is that it’s generally always a wonderful time to… Read more »

Your Riverside Dentist Answers Toothache Questions

Are you under the impression that if your tooth aches or just generally feels uncomfortable that you must be experiencing decay or infection? Let’s say that the problem is not the result of either of these oral health problems – do you know what else might be causing your discomfort? We, of course, encourage you… Read more »

Your Riverside Dentist Says: Don’t Break A Tooth!

One of the last things you want to do is break a tooth, right? Just the idea may send your hands automatically up to your mouth, covering it in a protective pose. Don’t worry – there are a lot of ways to protect your teeth and your oral health from this type of serious damage…. Read more »

I’m Looking For A Dentist Near Me That Will…

Have you been doing some legwork – figurative or otherwise – in an effort to find a dentist that works for your particular needs? What is it that you are seeking? How might you finish the following sentence?: “I’m looking for a dentist near me that will _________.” We would like to fill in the… Read more »

Summer Suggestions From Your Riverside Dentist

There’s nothing like seeing the beautiful sun-filled sky in the summertime, as you get excited about months of enjoyable outdoor fun. However, your Riverside dentist would like to remind you that getting swept away with the fun could cause you to forget about your oral health. Fortunately, planning your summer with a little extra forethought… Read more »

Getting To Know Us: Meet Tina Wuetcher

It’s that time again! Time to become more familiar with our close-knit community we have here as a dental practice. Keep in mind that thanks to how much we enjoy spending time with each other, we are consistently collaborating on ways to make your experience in maintaining your smile the best that it can be. As a result, you… Read more »

Gum Quiz: Is Something Wrong?

Do you know how to differentiate between when something is wrong with your gum health and when you’re dealing with a cosmetic concern? Are you certain about gum disease symptoms, what to look for, and when to give us a call? First, your Temecula dentist wants to remind you that we are always happy to… Read more »