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Dental Hygiene Quiz from Riverside Dentists

. Check to see which questions you got right by clicking “Read More.” Q1. How many times a day should you floss? A. At least twice B. Once a day C. Flossing is unnecessary D. Every hour   Q2. What type of toothbrush bristles should I use? A. Hard B. Medium C. Soft D. It… Read more »

What You Eat Can Help or Harm Your Dental Health

Your diet affects more than your weight or overall health. What you eat also affects the health of your mouth. Your mouth is constantly coated by a thin biofilm of bacteria and plaque. When certain ingredients in food and beverages come into contact with this biofilm, they secrete harmful acids that attack tooth enamel. Your… Read more »

Holy Halitosis! How to Combat Bad Breath in Riverside

Bad breath (halitosis) affects, and embarrasses, everyone at some point in life. Smelly foods, like fish, garlic, and curry, have oils that travel to the lungs and lead to bad breath. Other causes include dry mouth, postnasal drip or sinus problems, certain medications, smoking, gingivitis, tooth decay, and volatile sulfur compounds, or VSFs. You can… Read more »

Corona Dentists Educate Patients on Gum Disease

Our team of talented doctors and specialists at Dental Associates of Corona strive to educate our patients on maintaining optimal oral health. If you have visited our Corona dentist office, you are probably familiar with the terms “gingivitis” or “gum disease.” However, our dentists have found that many patients are unaware of how gum disease… Read more »

How Your Mouth Behaves Like An Ecosystem

Not All Oral Bacteria Are Harmful You may be surprised to find that your mouth has anywhere from 10-50 billion oral bacteria that thrive or die under specific conditions controlled by your oral hygiene, lifestyle habits, and diet. Unique types of bacteria are responsible for oral health issues like tooth decay, halitosis (chronic bad breath),… Read more »

What do You Know About Your Tongue?

When you have routine dental exams at Dental Associates of Riverside, your Riverside dentist focuses primarily on the health of your teeth and gums. We do, however, also check for signs of potential problems on your cheeks, tongue, and the roof and floor of your mouth. Why? Because these parts of your mouth have a… Read more »