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Are You Ready To Deal With Problems Caused By Missing Teeth?

If your smile is not complete, you can lack confidence in your smile, your oral health, and even in your ability to enjoy some of your favorite foods. People may put off prosthetic dental work because they feel intimidated by what treatment might require, or because they are unsure of what their treatment options include…. Read more »

3 Issues That Can Result From The Loss Of A Single Tooth

Any problem that affects your oral health should be taken seriously, but few problems can feel as urgent or as alarming as tooth loss. After all, this problem can become a big cosmetic concern, and it can also lead to frustrating difficulties with biting and chewing. With that said, patients sometimes put off treatment after… Read more »

What Happens to Your Smile When It Loses a Tooth?

What happens to your smile’s appearance when you lose one or more teeth can sometimes be obvious. In fact, it’s one of the most common reasons why patients seek to replace their lost teeth. However, a lot more happens to your smile, your remaining teeth, and your oral tissues and structures than you might realize…. Read more »