While dental health may not be the number one priority of a child, it is the number one priority of the pediatric dentists at Riverside Dental Group. They work hard to protect your child’s developing teeth from the dangers of tooth decay. In this blog post, your Riverside children’s dentists explain the benefits of dental sealants and fluoride treatments for young patients.

Dental Sealants

Because children often find it difficult to brush and floss their back teeth, your Riverside pediatric dentists recommend placing dental sealants on the molars of children under 14 years old. Sealants, which are composed of a thin, clear, plastic material covering the chewing surfaces of molars, protect tooth enamel from demineralization by providing a barrier against acids. By doing so, they also reduce your child’s risk of developing cavities and needing fillings. Dental sealants are safe for children and will naturally wear off over time. As sealants can only be placed on healthy teeth, make sure that your children are sticking to an oral hygiene routine to prevent decay.

Protecting Teeth With Fluoride

Like sealants, fluoride protects teeth from decay. This protection is especially important for the developing teeth of children. Your Riverside pediatric dentists recommend in-office topical fluoride treatments in addition to the use of fluoridated toothpastes and mouthwashes at home. Children can also benefit from public drinking water, which is fortified with fluoride.

Children’s Dentistry in Riverside

Many of our dentists at Riverside Dental Group specialize in dental care for children. With a gentle and friendly manner, your pediatric specialist will ease your children’s dental anxieties and provide them with the quality care they need.

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