Category: Preventive Dentistry

Preventive Dentistry And Your Health

Your smile and your health can be tied more closely than you realize. By protecting yourself against oral bacteria that can build up in the course of a day, you can stop potential problems with gum disease and dental decay that can turn into more serious threats. Advanced problems with periodontal health can negatively impact… Read more »

Protection Offered By Preventive Dentistry

Is your smile really receiving the right kind of protection? At home, you can see to it that you are safe from cavities and gum disease by both sticking with good oral hygiene practices and being mindful about your diet choices. Even when you do this, you should know that there is more that you… Read more »

Tips For Preventing Dental Problems

Simply put, you can have an easier time feeling confident in the health of your smile when you receive positive feedback during dental checkups. What can you do to ensure that you receive good news during your next oral health exam and the ones that follow? One matter to keep in mind is that these… Read more »

3 Cavity Prevention Tips

When it comes to smile care, there are several ways in which you protect yourself, as well as several potential concerns to avoid. Of course, it is hard to think of another issue as closely tied to oral health as dental decay. By preventing cavities, you protect yourself against irreversible harm done by dental decay…. Read more »

The Importance Of Tartar Removal

How safe are you against threats like tooth decay and gum disease? Hopefully, you have committed to a daily smile care routine that lowers your risk for these problems. Issues with poor hygiene can lead to tartar buildup, which makes it harder to prevent problems that require professional services from your dentist to treat. At… Read more »

What Teeth Cleanings Do For You

How much are you doing for your smile on a daily basis? If you protect yourself with a consistent brushing and flossing routine, you can avoid trouble with plaque and tartar buildup, which will lower your risk for problems that require restorative dental work. As important as it is to feel comfortable with your daily… Read more »

Reasons To Keep Booking Dental Exams

If your goal is to keep your smile attractive and healthy, you should commit to regular dental checkups as well as your own hygiene routine. Dental appointments play a valuable role in a person’s overall efforts to avoid trouble with cavities and gum disease, and they can help you maintain a confident and attractive appearance…. Read more »

Is Flossing Part Of Your Smile Care Routine?

There are different services that our Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office can provide in order to keep your smile healthy. At a routine oral health appointment, we can offer a detailed cleaning to remove plaque and tartar, and we can provide a close study of your teeth and gums to see if any procedures need… Read more »

Defending Against Tartar Buildup

There are several reasons to worry about tartar buildup, but one to keep in mind is that when this substance forms, it will remain in place until your next professional teeth cleaning. This means you have a higher risk for problems with dental decay and gum disease, and it also means you can have unsightly… Read more »

Keeping Up With Teeth Cleanings

Every time you brush and floss your teeth, you fight the buildup of food particles and oral bacteria. The accumulated plaque on your teeth can also be removed through these activities. Unfortunately, when there are tartar deposits present on your smile, you will not have the same kind of success at removal. These deposits will… Read more »