Fluoride Treatment… for Felines

If you are a frequent reader of our . However, did you know it can do the same for cats? Studies show fluoride supplements in cat water can improve their oral health. Keep fluoride away from your puppy though. Fluoride is considered poisonous for dogs.

The 24,972nd Molar: Snail Wisdom Teeth

The average human mouth can hold up to 28 teeth. That’s why when erupt, they typically crowd surrounding teeth or become impacted. Wisdom teeth, called the third molar, come in behind your two back molars on the top and bottom of your smile. Did you know that snails’ mouths, although microscopic, can hold up to 25,000 teeth? Less impressive, armadillos rack up an average of 104 teeth.

Nature’s Feathery Dental Hygienist

The crocodile bird has a tough job. This smile creature hops into the open mouth of a crocodile to remove food particles and parasites. Out of gratitude for alleviating reptile toothache, the crocodile rewards his feathery friend by not eating him. Don’t have a tiny bird to clean your teeth every night? Try flossing daily to prevent plaque buildup and instead.

Severe Pachyderm Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding for humans can cause serious damage to your teeth and your overall health. Some symptoms of teeth grinding, called bruxism, include earaches, headaches, sensitive teeth, and chipped teeth. Teeth grinding, for elephants, is just all in a day’s work. Overtime, elephants grind their 7 inch molars down to a nub. This is no matter, however, because the elephant will simply grow a new tooth. This happens about six times over the elephant’s lifetime. 

Dental Checkups in Moreno Valley

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