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Ringing In The New Year

It’s time to say goodbye to 2014 and hello to 2015 in style. As the clock approaches 12:00am and you reach for an effervescent beverage, better have something on hand the entire family can enjoy. Give the Autumn Chiller a try, recipe courtesy of Delicious and in the spirit of the holidays – and… Read more »

Dental Facts about Animals

The Moreno Valley dentists at Moreno Valley Dental know the deep feelings many of our patients have for their pets. Animals obviously don’t receive the same type of preventive dental care which humans do, but there is some evidence that fluoridated water may help cats have healthier teeth. You can ask your vet about fluoride… Read more »

Moreno Valley Dentists on the Dangers of Movie Snacking

Do you love being frightened? As Halloween nears closer and closer, many people get in the mood for scary movies. Whether it is a horror classic, or a new edition of a current franchise, snacking will surely take place. Some of the go-to snacks for movie watchers are popcorn, and chocolate-covered raisins. Although they may… Read more »