Is your smile less than perfect? If you’re suffering of tooth loss, dental implants might be a suitable solution to the problem.The causes of tooth loss can vary, as can the method by which teeth are replaced.The team at Riverside Dental Group offers a few reasons why dental implants could be right for you.

Dental Implants Can Last a Lifetime

For years, bridges and dentures provided a solution for patients suffering with tooth loss. However, modern dental implants boast a prosthetic that more closely imitates nature. Using implants to restore smiles is preferred by many patients due to their increased stability and a natural appearance, in comparison to dentures.

Unlike dentures, an implant is permanently attached to the jaw, and with proper care, implants can last a lifetime. In addition, implants do not rely on altering healthy teeth, as do bridges. Even partial dentures place pressure on healthy teeth, which can ultimately contribute to their failure. Conservative dentistry, that is dental care that does not compromise healthy tooth structure, is the best practice to promote good oral health long term.

Dental Implants Offer Enhanced Comfort

Comfort is a benefit which shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to a patient’s dental care and long-term wellbeing. Dentures and other temporary solutions to tooth loss are simply unable to provide the same level of comfort as implants. Unlike dentures, implants are not removable and provide patients with the ability to chew food with ease.

Speaking with clarity is important to many patients, and implants are at a substantial advantage over removable dentures in this department. Ill-fitting dentures often cause speech issues, like slurred words and mumbling. You’ll feel confident and empowered with implants, knowing that your prosthetic can’t slip, slide, wobble, loosen, or fall out.

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