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Fix Tooth Discoloration With Ease

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Is your smile the shade you would like it to be? The discoloration of your teeth can take away anyone’s confidence in their grin. The appearance of stains and blemishes can cause others to think we are not properly caring for our teeth, even when we brush and floss every single day. We become self-conscious… Read more »

Treating Your Discolored Smile

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Dental discoloration is something that can rob a person of more than just a confident smile. Enamel stains create a perception that your teeth are not healthy. They can also age you in ways that make you self-conscious. Generally speaking, cosmetic flaws that concern your smile can be distracting enough to hurt your overall appearance,… Read more »

Goals For Cosmetic Bonding Work

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The confidence you feel in your smile can carry over and affect your overall feelings about the way you look. It can also help you project positive feelings and make good first impressions. Unfortunately, not everyone feels fully at ease with how they look because they have issues with teeth that are discolored, misshapen, or… Read more »

Can Veneers Help My Smile?

What is it going to take for you to feel truly confident whenever you smile? As long as that one flaw, or those several flaws, are visible when you speak, smile, and laugh, it can be tough to feel truly happy with your appearance. Bringing this matter up with your Riverside, CA dentist can help…. Read more »

Taking Action Against Enamel Wear

Enamel erosion can gradually alter a person’s smile; while it is often hard to notice the effects for many years, some will see changes worrying and unflattering changes relatively young. There are different reasons for this, as factors like your diet choices, hygiene, issues with teeth grinding, and natural enamel strength can all affect the… Read more »

A Smart Fix For Teeth Stains

As our teeth continue to pick up particles left by the foods and drinks we consume, they can take on a dull and discolored appearance. This is something that can leave you lacking in confidence, and it can prove harder to treat than you anticipate. This is because you can find that store bought whitening… Read more »

Reshaping An Unattractive Tooth

If a single tooth stands out from the rest in your smile because of its awkward shape or size, it can be hard to feel truly happy with how you look. That one flaw both adds an unwanted source of attention and takes away from your facial symmetry. As frustrating as it can feel to… Read more »

Putting Your Trust In Porcelain Veneers

The impact of “minor” smile flaws on your overall confidence can be significant. It can be embarrassing to know that people can see any visible chips or cracks in your enamel, just as it can be hard to feel happy with your appearance when malocclusion affects your facial symmetry. What you can find is that… Read more »

Tooth Bonding Services And Your Smile Goals

The path to the smile you want to show off could be surprisingly short. For patients who choose to proceed with tooth bonding and contouring work, results can be seen in as little as one appointment! During that appointment, your Riverside, CA dentist can do work to reshape, brighten, and resize teeth. Your care can… Read more »

Can My Chipped Tooth Be Fixed?

Once you chip your tooth, your once-confident smile can become something you try to keep from view. It can be embarrassing to reveal any kind of flaw, even one that is the unlucky result of an injury or a consequence of gradual wear and tear. The good news is that you are able to put… Read more »