Does your child often miss a few spots while brushing? As a child develops, so does their daily oral health regimen. Luckily, there are options available designed to help protect children’s teeth. Your Moreno Valley dentist, Dr. Tonia Cantrell shares some information about the preventive treatment options available to young patients in Moreno Valley.

Joyride on Fluoride

Topical fluoride treatments can be a great way to help protect children’s teeth. Many patients between the ages of six and eighteen find themselves at least with a moderate risk of developing dental caries. For patients over the age of six, the American Dental Association classifies them at moderate risk if one or two cavities occurred within three years. If your child progresses to moderate risk, topical fluoride treatments are recommended once every six months.

Certain patients could find themselves with high risk of caries due to various factors. If the patient suffered from more than three cavities within three years, they are considered high-risk. Xerostomia (dry mouth) is known to increase the risk of developing cavities. When the mouth lacks sufficient saliva, teeth don’t receive adequate protection. Sufficient saliva flow is essential to re-mineralization (re-strengthening) of teeth, and aids in removing excess food particles.  Professional fluoride treatments at least once every three months are recommended for high-risk patients.

Protective Dental Sealants

Many children suffer from cavity-prone molars. These patients could be aided with the application of protective dental sealants. The primary spot for cavity-causing bacteria and food particles to collect in a child’s mouth is on the grooved chewing surfaces of their back teeth. As the name suggests, dental sealants seal the tooth against bacteria, helping prevent the development of tooth decay.

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