With each passing day, children move one step closer to donning their Halloween costumes. The ultimate goal of children everywhere on October 31st is singular: get candy. Some candies have ingredients that are more harmful to teeth than others. Today, the dentists at Dentistry of Corona will outline which candies to steer clear from on Halloween night.

Fruit Roll Out

Although few candy bars on the market still use real fruit, chocolate-covered raisins remain a staple in the treat arena. Milk chocolate poses fewer oral health risks than many other Halloween options, but raisins stick to, and between, teeth. Cavities, bacteria, and even abscesses can develop from food caught in teeth.So, chocolate is okay, but chocolate covered raisins are a no-no.

Just as Sweet without the Sour

It seems like there’s more sour candy on the market than ever before. A growing trend involves major brands now offering sour versions of plain-flavored classics. Sour candy contains acidity levels capable of causing acid erosion over time. As with sports and energy drinks, the acid found in sour candy reacts harshly with tooth enamel, leaving it temporarily soft and susceptible to decay. Before ripping open a bag of sour candy, consider that tooth enamel does not regenerate.

Explore Sugar-Free Options

Many candy varieties offer sugar-free options for consumers looking to protect teeth. In addition to oral health, the rise of diabetes and childhood obesity provide excellent reasons to consider candy without sugar.

Clean Up After the Party

After that long Halloween night of chewing and munching and sucking and licking, make sure that your children brush their teeth properly. Brushing should last for roughly two minutes. Flossing will also be especially important Halloween night to remove the excess food particles left behind by sticky candies. With oral health in mind, there’s only one Halloween night of the year — so have fun!

Schedule Your October Visit

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