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Your Riverside Oral Surgeon Welcomes New Patients

Are you moving this summer? Or did you just move and are using the summer months to settle into your new neighborhood or town? Your Riverside, CA oral surgeon has openings for new patients, and we welcome you to our practice. With all the hustle and bustle of moving, it is comforting to know you… Read more »

Need a New Dentist? Consider These Factors

  There are lots of reasons people seek out a new dentist. Maybe you’ve moved to a new neighborhood or a new town. Perhaps you changed insurance plans. Maybe your colleague bragged on his brighter smile, and shared the dentist’s name with you. Maybe your partner’s teeth grinding has been more noticeable and you are… Read more »

Affordable Dentistry Options in Moreno Valley: FAQ

Maintaining your oral health and the beauty of your smile is one place you don’t want to cut corners. The investment you make in keeping your teeth and mouth healthy pays off with every bite of food, sip of water and laugh that your share with friends. There are very low cost steps you can… Read more »

Payment Plans To Promote A Healthy Smile

For many patients, anxiety related to dental care is not so much about the treatments, sensations, and physical experience of receiving our services. Instead, stress often appears as it relates to the cost of care. Particularly if you do not have dental insurance and you wish to do everything that you can to maintain your… Read more »

Dental Care You Can Afford

Are you spending time looking for discount dental care with the goal of finding exceptional care for your smile that you can afford? Consider a very helpful fact: We offer a variety of options to ensure you can receive just about anything you need from our practice without harming your budget. Allow us to walk… Read more »

Afford The Care You Want

Are you worried about being able to afford dental care? Perhaps your child needs orthodontic treatment but you are afraid it may simply never be in the budget. Maybe you require restorative care (or simply wish to improve the beauty of your smile with cosmetic treatments) but you avoid our practice because you don’t think… Read more »

2015 Insurance Benefits Reminder

Are you making a list and checking it several times to make sure you don’t miss a beat this holiday season? If you haven’t added dental insurance benefits to that list then you will be happy for this friendly reminder. For those of you who access dental care with insurance, it is important to recognize… Read more »

When Does a Patient Need Extraction?

While it may seem counterproductive at first, a dental is sometimes necessary to ensure the overall health and comfort of your smile. At Dental Associates of Corona, our team can perform a comfortable tooth removal and then discuss your tooth replacement options. Today, we look at a few common situations in which a patient requires… Read more »

Keep Bad Breath at Bay

at Dental Associates of Corona, will offer some details on freshening up your breath. Keep Clean and Hydrated You are likely well aware that you should brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day to keep

Explaining the Craziness of Craze Lines

Have you ever heard the term craze lines? Tiny vertical cracks which develop in tooth enamel, craze lines are shallow fractures. When the hard outer tooth enamel which surrounds the crowns of your teeth is compromised by vertical cracks, stains can easily develop. What you are left with is discoloration on your teeth in the form of… Read more »