Do you love being frightened? As Halloween nears closer and closer, many people get in the mood for scary movies. Whether it is a horror classic, or a new edition of a current franchise, snacking will surely take place.

Some of the go-to snacks for movie watchers are popcorn, and chocolate-covered raisins. Although they may appear harmless enough, these snacks can cause cavities, toothaches, and even abscesses.

Let’s take a look at some of the truly scary aspects of the horror-movie snacking experience.

Popcorn Damage

The smell of popcorn can be a tantalizing temptation. However, it is not the smell of popcorn which can cause damage to teeth. Many people grab popcorn by the handfuls and shovel it into their mouths without much consideration for raw kernels. Biting down on a kernel yet to be popped can result in a cracked tooth. Always survey the popcorn scene before pouring a handful into your mouth.

The danger with popcorn doesn’t stop there. Popcorn husks are notorious for lodging themselves in between teeth and the gum line. Once these husks become trapped, they are very difficult to remove, even with diligent flossing. Unlike most foods, popcorn husks don’t dissolve over time. An errant husk can lead to a toothache or even a painful tooth infection.

Chocolate-Covered Raisins?

The main culprit causing oral health issues with this snack could be unexpected. Although most popular brands of chocolate-covered raisins contain milk chocolate, that chocolate encapsulates a tooth nuisance: raisins. The surrounding milk chocolate contains calcium, which can be beneficial to teeth.

Additionally, chocolate easily melts away and doesn’t usually cling to tooth enamel for long. However, dried fruit is known for sticking in tough spots between teeth, and is usually unreachable with standard brushing. Flossing is recommended soon after consuming raisins or other dried fruits. If sugary fruits are left in between teeth for long, it could result in a cavity.

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