A confident smile can lead to confidence throughout a person’s life. Flashing a bright smile leaves patients feeling confident. However, unsightly cracks could be inhibiting some people’s ability to feel good about smiling. Craze lines are a problem common among older adults, but can occur at different stages throughout life. The dentists of Riverside Dental Group developed a short quiz to test your knowledge on how to treat craze lines and what causes craze lines.

Craze Line Quiz

What direction do craze lines typically occur?

A. Horizontally

B. Vertically

C. Diagonally

D. A and C only

Which of these dental procedures could conceal craze lines?

A. Veneers

B. X-Ray

C. Teeth Whitening

D. A and C only

What is a common, yet avoidable cause of craze lines?

A. Eating an apple per day

B. Fingernail biting

C. Wearing glasses

D. Flying at high altitudes

Craze Line Answer Key

The answer to question one is B – vertically. Craze lines usually appear vertically, affecting the outer layer of teeth known tooth enamel. These lines are generally on the surface and not a sign of damage to underlying dentin.

The answer to question two is D – veneers and teeth whitening. Over time, food can penetrate craze lines and draw more attention to these minor cracks due to staining. Tooth whitening is the most commonly requested cosmetic dentistry procedure. Professional tooth whitening could reduce the unsightly nature of craze lines in some cases. Veneers are also an excellent way to beautify your smile. Fitting on top of your teeth, a thin veneer can enhance your smile’s appearance while reducing the visible presence of craze lines.

The answer to question three is B – fingernail biting. Many people don’t realize they could be increasing their likelihood of developing craze lines. Tooth grinding and clenching can also lead to craze line formation.

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