Smiling can provide numerous emotional benefits. Known to boost and convey confidence, people with bright, beautiful smiles reportedly earn more than their yellow-toothed counterparts. Feeling embarrassed about the appearance of teeth can cause people to miss out on the joys of flashing a smile. Toothpaste selection can impact teeth. Some toothpaste contains elements for tooth whitening and others contain elements to reduce sensitivity in teeth. Depending on abrasive levels, the effect of toothpaste on enamel could vary. The dentists from Dental Associates of Corona discuss the new evaluation method for toothpaste.

Abrasive Toothpaste Levels

The chemical components found in toothpaste to clean teeth known as abrasives can cause enamel damage over time. Measured in terms of abrasivity, certain toothpastes can pose more damage than others. Previous studies measured radioactive dentin abrasion levels using a complex process of scrubbing dentin marked radioactively. The current scale for measuring RDA levels runs from 30 to slightly over 200.

New Toothpaste Evaluation Methods

Many mainstream studies failed to authenticate the findings of previous tests using the complex dentin scrubbing methods. Using human teeth and saliva, scientists tested various toothpastes to determine abrasivity. The study also used a monofilament brush to scrub the teeth roughly 8000 times per test. Instead of using radiation to mark dentin, this method microscopically tested enamel following the 8000 brushes with a monofilament. This new method allowed researchers to analyze the effect of brushing motion and bristle size in conjunction with the abrasivity of toothpaste.

Researchers determined that the abrasivity of toothpaste correctly correspond to the RDA levels of 30 to 200. If the toothpaste lists a higher number, then it possesses a high abrasivity level. Consumers of toothpaste could eventually benefit from increased research in the effect of bristle size and motion, as it could shed light on new brush designs for optimal enamel conservation.

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