With the holidays fast approaching, a variety of dental emergencies could occur. Holiday decorations often involve stringing popcorn throughout the house. Those decorations might appear tasty, but eating popcorn from holidays passed could result in a dental emergency. The holidays can cause an increased amount of stress and anxiety. This holiday season, many patients might realize that they grind or clench teeth. The dentists from Dental Associates of Corona discuss how to deal with holiday dental emergencies.

Dental Emergency: Tooth Fractures

Holiday parties and gatherings can overwhelm people with vast arrays of food. The smell of an oven-roasted turkey can tickle the senses. This time of year, people don’t always exercise restraint when it comes to turkey consumption, and an errant turkey bone could result in a tooth fracture. Additionally, chewing on ice often causes tooth fractures.

The added holiday stress can also lead to tooth fractures caused by bruxism. When teeth fracture, rinse your mouth out with warm water. Consuming foods and beverages of extreme temperature could cause patients to experience tooth sensitivity or tenderness. In most cases, we can repair your tooth fracture with a dental crown.

Sports and Dental Emergencies

If your family engages in an annual game of basketball or football, someone could lose a tooth. Wearing a mouthguard could prevent you and members of your family from experiencing a dental emergency. However, we understand that not everyone will choose to wear protective mouth gear during a game of family football. If you lose a tooth, we can replace teeth with dental implants.

With new dental implant technology, we can replace a single tooth or multiple teeth. Dental implants look and function similarly to normal teeth and we can blend the ceramic prosthetic to match your existing teeth. We recommend that you don’t allow your family game to get out of hand to avoid any unforeseen dental emergencies during this holiday season, but if something goes wrong, we can help in our Corona dentist office.

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