With the holidays rapidly approaching, many people strive to develop the greatest Thanksgiving feast of all time. Cranberry sauce usually appears on a majority of these holiday tables. Although eating turkey can make you tired, eating cranberries could result in a lower risk for developing cavities. The dentists from Dental Associates of Moreno Valley discuss how cranberries effectively fight cavities.

Cranberry Study

A an oral biologist recently found that cranberries can inhibit the ability of Streptococcus mutans to affect tooth enamel. S. mutans: harmful bacteria which live in the mouth and lay in wait to feed off of sugars and carbohydrates. When these harmful bacteria feed, they secrete acids which cause damage to tooth enamel. Researchers determined that the enzymes found within cranberries prevent these bacteria from latching onto teeth.

Additionally, the study determined that plaque development reduced following cranberry consumption. Plaque develops on teeth and acts as a protective fortress for harmful bacteria. These harmful bacteria likely don’t enjoy the fact that cranberries can destroy their home and protect teeth at the same time.

Sugar-Added Cranberry Products

Just because cranberries can diminish the risk of tooth decay and cavities, don’t start overindulging as soon you walk away from this article. Numerous cranberry products on grocery store shelves might feature a picture of cranberries, but the message misleads consumers. Many dried fruit varieties offer cranberries in small pouches, but beware.

Dried fruit can stick between teeth and actually cause cavities. Additionally, the majority of those pouched fruit products contain added sugar. Also, be mindful of cranberry juice cocktails and similarly-flavored beverages. Even though the labels highlight the all-natural cranberry cocktail, a high probability of added sugar is present in these beverages.

 Holiday Cavities

Food becomes a primary focus this time of year. The holidays offer plenty of opportunities for sugar and sweets to impact teeth. Prevent cavities by brushing twice daily and flossing regularly. To protect tooth enamel, select a fluoridated toothpaste. Also, you can reduce your risk for gum disease by 60% with twice-daily mouthwash use, but make sure to use an ADA-approved mouthrinse.

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