November brings about holiday spirit, family togetherness, and feasting. Although the holiday season provides ample opportunity to shovel tasty treats into your mouth, many Americans face the challenge of balancing their food choices with diabetes. During November, the American Diabetics Association raises diabetes awareness with a month-long campaign. The multi-specialty, Temcula dentists from The Oasis Family Dental discuss diabetes awareness and the close link to gum disease.

Diabetes Statistics

Recent reports indicate that gum disease affects nearly 9% of the general population. However, over 79 million people show signs of prediabetes or find themselves at risk of developing diabetes. When it comes to oral health, diabetics do not fare well. Currently, diabetics are twice as likely to develop gum disease as patients without diabetes. During November, take the time to assess your nutritional choices in order to reduce your risk for developing type-2 diabetes.

Gum Disease and Diabetes

An odd connection exists between gum disease and diabetes. The term “two-way street” often attaches itself to the gum disease/ diabetes connection. Studies indicate that patients with gum disease increase their risk for developing diabetes by 50%. As previously mentioned, diabetics possess a 50% higher risk of developing gum disease. Scientist and doctors don’t fully understand the connection between the two, but speculate that gum disease causes the rest of the body to manage blood glucose levels inefficiently. Additionally, diabetics cannot fight bacterial infections with as much fervor as other patients, so that could cause the frequent presence of gum disease.

Gum Disease Prevention and Checkups

We encourage diabetics to visit their Temecula dentist at least once every six months, but scheduling three appointments per year could benefit diabetic patients. Due to their decreased ability to fight infections, catching periodontal issues earlier could enable our hygienists to provide patients with helpful dental hygiene information. A commitment to oral health can pay off in the long run in terms of gum disease.

Always brush twice each day for a minimum of two minutes. Remember to floss at least once per day and incorporate an antimicrobial mouthrinse into your dental hygiene routine. Studies indicate that using an antimicrobial mouthrinse approved by the American Dental Association can reduce the risk of developing gum disease by as much as 60%.

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