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Will Unhealthy Gums Hurt My Smile?

If you think a tooth looks out of place in your smile, you can have understandable concerns about how much attention it receives from others when you smile and speak. It may not be shocking to say that the condition of your teeth affect your appearance, but are you sufficiently concerned with how periodontal problems… Read more »

Is Gum Disease A Serious Problem?

The threat posed by tooth decay should not be taken lightly, but you should also remember that it is not the only threat to your overall oral health. If you are not practicing good oral hygiene, you can leave yourself vulnerable to problems with gum disease. An infection can initially cause tissue inflammation and issues… Read more »

How To Maintain Healthy Gums

If you want to make sure that your smile is healthy, make sure that you look out for more than just your teeth when it comes to your oral hygiene efforts. When you brush and floss, give your gum line your attention. These tissues are vulnerable to infection when oral bacteria start to accumulate on… Read more »

What Are You Doing To Prevent Gum Disease?

Cavity prevention is important, but there is more to oral health care than just the prevention of dental decay. If you want to avoid problems with tooth loss and lower your risk for general health complications, make sure you also take the health of your gums into consideration when it comes to dental hygiene. Problems… Read more »

3 Things To Keep In Mind About Gum Disease

If you want to do an effective job maintaining your oral health, you should see to it that you keep your gums as well as your teeth in good condition. Failing to protect your periodontal health can lead to worrying problems over time, which can include issues like tooth loss and concerns about your general… Read more »

Healthy Gums Help You Maintain A Confident Smile

When you think about what you need to do to keep your smile in good health, you should remember that you need to protect your gums as well as your teeth. Letting problems with an infection go unaddressed can cause several concerns, including a heightened risk for tooth loss! Our Corona, CA dentist’s office will… Read more »

Are You Looking For The Symptoms Of Gingivitis?

Problems with gingivitis are manageable, but you need to perform timely care to prevent an infection from worsening and interfering with your overall health. At our Corona, CA dentist’s office, we can talk to you about the state of your gums at a routine dental visit, and we can provide treatment options if you struggle… Read more »

Do You Need Help Managing Your Periodontal Health?

Your periodontal health is not something that you want to ignore. Gingivitis is a common concern, one that will affect you if you do not take the right approach to preventive dental care. In time, that infection can become more severe, which can make it harder for you to preserve your dental and overall health!… Read more »

What Are The Symptoms Of Gum Disease I Should Watch For?

When you become aware of just how much gum disease can impact your oral and general health, you can understand why it is a problem to take seriously. With that said, you may not know what, exactly, you should be looking out for if you want to preserve healthy gums. At our Corona, CA dentist’s… Read more »

Why You Should Be Prepared To Identify Signs Of Gingivitis

Do you have an easy way of recognizing when gum disease has formed and affected your oral health? Are you checking your periodontal tissues for symptoms when you brush and floss? By paying attention to the state of your gums, you can spot when there are symptoms of gingivitis and take the appropriate action to… Read more »