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Maintaining Gum Health After An Infection

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Learning you have an active gum infection can be a bit scary. How do you stop chronic bad breath or bleeding that strikes every time you brush your teeth? By scheduling a checkup right away, we can discuss your options for getting gum disease under control and preserving as much healthy tissue as possible. By… Read more »

Restoring Healthy Smiles After Gum Disease

Corona, CA, Gum Disease

If you receive a gum disease diagnosis during a dental checkup, it can be a little scary to learn. After all, the connective tissue that holds your teeth in place is critical to maintaining a healthy smile. Fortunately, we provide advanced treatment options to help you take on this common oral health problem and preserve… Read more »

Caring For Your Smile With Gum Disease

Moreno Valley, CA, Gum Disease

When your dentist tells you you have a gum infection, it can be hard to hear. After all, your gums provide the important connection that holds your teeth secure in your smile. Symptoms of this disease range from painful to somewhat embarrassing as your tissues become sore and your breath worsens. But by understanding how… Read more »

Preserving Your Smile After A Gum Infection

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Learning you have a gum infection can be rather disappointing. However, understanding how to best care for your disease can help you preserve your smile. Because your gums provide the connection between your teeth and jawbone, protecting them from further damage is vital to preventing the possibility of losing teeth. When you attend dental checkups… Read more »

Protecting Your Gums From Infection

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Taking steps to improve your gum health helps you preserve the tissues that connect your smile to your jaw. When you understand the symptoms that indicate a potential infection, you can seek treatment that more quickly. Fortunately, caught at its earliest stage, gingivitis is reversible. But if the oral bacteria that infect your gums reaches… Read more »

A Helpful Treatment For Gum Inflammation

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When you understand the symptoms of gum infection, you can seek treatment that much more quickly. By learning these common signs, you can catch gingivitis while it is still reversible. Once gum disease reaches the jawbone, it becomes permanent and you will need maintenance therapy for the rest of your life. If your tissues begin… Read more »

We Can Help You Fight Gum Inflammation

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Do you know how to spot the common signs of gum infection? If your oral tissues become inflamed, bleed, or you develop chronic bad breath, it’s time to call the dentist right away! When caught in its first stage, gingivitis, we can help you reverse gum disease. Once the oral bacteria that infect your gums… Read more »

Healthy Gums Help Maintain A Strong Smile

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When you adopt a preventive attitude toward your oral care, you can maintain a robust smile protected against decay and disease. While focusing on your teeth is vital to this goal, you must also monitor the health of your gums to ensure the stable connection that holds your smile together. The same habits you practice… Read more »

Staying On Top Of Your Gum Health

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The daily habits you perform to protect your teeth and gums form the basis for your smile care. Brushing and flossing help you remove bacterial deposits that otherwise stick to the surface of your teeth and threaten decay and disease. By attending routine cleanings and exams with your dentist, you receive a professional review of… Read more »

Making Your Gum Health A Priority

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When you adopt a preventive attitude towards your oral health, your hygiene protects your gums in addition to your teeth. This is because the same plaque and tartar that cause cavities can infect your gingival tissue as well. When you neglect to regularly brush and floss, you can develop an infection that destroys this vital… Read more »