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Healthy Habits Make Strong Gums

Closeup Young Woman Flossing Teeth

Preventing the infection of your gums is an important benefit of adopting a rigorous daily oral health routine. Gum disease affects almost half of all adults across their lifetime and can cause many problems of which you may not be aware. Practicing regular brushing and attentive flossing techniques greatly reduces the threat of infection brought… Read more »

How Flossing Prevents Gingivitis

Man flossing gingivitis prevention concept

The prevention of gingivitis effectively protects you against more than you might realize. When your gums are in poor health, there is a risk for the initial infection to worsen to the point where it becomes a lasting problem. This can lead to the spread of bacteria to different parts of the body, and it… Read more »

When Gingivitis Impacts Your Health

Is your health already being impacted by gum disease? There are signs of poor periodontal health that you can look out for on your own, but it is hard to know for sure what you are dealing with when you go without dental exams. At our Corona, CA dentist’s office, we provide reviews that inform… Read more »

A Checklist For Gum Health

If you want to maintain a healthy smile for the future, think about your gum health today. People who experience issues with periodontal disease will have heightened risks for tooth loss as well as potentially serious problems with their overall well-being. Fortunately, there are measures that you can take to protect these tissues today and… Read more »

How Can I Protect My Gums?

How much do you currently do to protect your gums? Proper periodontal hygiene helps you in more ways than you may realize. Trouble with infections can interfere with other health conditions and make them harder to manage. Difficulties with gum disease can also lead to a higher risk for tooth loss later in life. The… Read more »

When To Worry About Gingivitis

Can you tell if your smile is healthy just by examining it in the mirror? When it comes to problems with dental decay, you can fail to realize that something is wrong until the discomfort of a more advanced cavity becomes a matter for concern. This is part of why regular dental exams are beneficial,… Read more »

Will Unhealthy Gums Hurt My Smile?

If you think a tooth looks out of place in your smile, you can have understandable concerns about how much attention it receives from others when you smile and speak. It may not be shocking to say that the condition of your teeth affect your appearance, but are you sufficiently concerned with how periodontal problems… Read more »

Is Gum Disease A Serious Problem?

The threat posed by tooth decay should not be taken lightly, but you should also remember that it is not the only threat to your overall oral health. If you are not practicing good oral hygiene, you can leave yourself vulnerable to problems with gum disease. An infection can initially cause tissue inflammation and issues… Read more »

How To Maintain Healthy Gums

If you want to make sure that your smile is healthy, make sure that you look out for more than just your teeth when it comes to your oral hygiene efforts. When you brush and floss, give your gum line your attention. These tissues are vulnerable to infection when oral bacteria start to accumulate on… Read more »

What Are You Doing To Prevent Gum Disease?

Cavity prevention is important, but there is more to oral health care than just the prevention of dental decay. If you want to avoid problems with tooth loss and lower your risk for general health complications, make sure you also take the health of your gums into consideration when it comes to dental hygiene. Problems… Read more »