As the holidays approach with increasing quickness, more and more people begin to plan their holiday feasts. Nearly every table throughout Riverside and the rest of the country will feature a holiday turkey or goose. In addition to the holiday fowl, a variety of starches, vegetables, and sweet treat will likely end up on plates everywhere. The dentists from Dental Associates of Riverside discuss how to keep teeth healthy and bright during the holiday season.

Cranberry Advantages

Recent studies indicate that compounds found inside cranberries can potentially limit tooth decay. The compounds inhibit the ability of harmful bacteria to cling to the surface of teeth known as tooth enamel. When bacteria receive a dose of sugars or carbohydrates, they launch an all-out assault on tooth enamel. These assaults are commonly referred to as acid attacks. Someday, scientists hope to incorporate these compounds into toothpaste, throat lozenges, and sugar-free gum.

Red, Red Wine

Wine often pairs well with a bountiful holiday feast. When families gather, red wine can serve as an essential mood elevator as well. Most people know of the health benefits of red wine, but also understand that red wine can stain teeth. When consuming red wine, try to eat a few cheese squares before tipping up the bottom of the glass. The calcium found within cheese protects tooth enamel against acid attacks and forms a barrier around teeth which prevent stains as well. We understand that avoiding tooth stain all together can present difficulties for patients.

We offer in-office and at-home teeth whitening in our Riverside dental office. We can custom fit you with bleaching trays and professional-strength bleaching gel. Patients wear the trays for about an hour each time. Most patients notice results quickly, but they whitening process might require as much as eight weeks to fully restore vibrancy to your smile. In-office whitening can whiten teeth up to nine shades in a single visit. Patients often report tooth sensitivity when whitening teeth, but the sensation should subside quickly.

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