is performed under a local anesthetic and will restore the health of your mouth while saving the structure of the affected tooth. If you feel nervous or frightened, your dentist can even offer gentle sedation options. Your Temecula dentists at Oasis Family Dental want to discuss root canal therapy to help patients feel better informed and dispel common misconceptions about this necessary procedure.

Why Do You Need Root Canal Therapy?

The two most common problems that necessitate root canal therapy include:

  • Advanced tooth decay. If a has been allowed to eat through the enamel and dentin layers of a healthy tooth, it can infect the soft, nerve-filled center of the tooth, called the pulp. Once a cavity reaches the pulp, you will experience discomfort ranging in intensity from sensitivity to hot and cold beverages up to a constant throbbing pain.
  • Severe damage or trauma to a tooth. If a tooth becomes cracked or broken and exposes the pulp, you will likely need root canal therapy. Exposed pulp has an extremely high risk of infection so, to protect the structure of the tooth, most dentists will want to remove the pulp to avoid serious oral health problems from developing.

How Does My Dentist Perform Root Canal Therapy?

After you feel fully numbed and comfortable, your dentist will use special tools to remove the infected pulp. Next, he will disinfect the inner chamber of the tooth (the actual “root canal”) and fill the space in with a biocompatible, rubbery substance that provides the remaining tooth structure with added support. Finally, your dentist will place a filling or crown to restore the look and function of the tooth.

How Does Root Canal Therapy Restore the Health of My Mouth?

If you avoid undergoing root canal therapy after you dentist has determined that you need it, the problems will only get worse. First, your pain and discomfort will continue to linger and may even increase, seriously reducing your ability to enjoy normal activities. Second, the cavity will eventually destroy so much of the tooth’s structure that you will have to have it extracted. Third, the infection will continue to spread through the tooth and soft tissues and could even spread to other parts of the body. Root canal therapy halts the spread of infection, saves your tooth’s structure, and puts a decisive end to your pain and discomfort.

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