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The Strength Of A Dental Filling

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Learning that you have a cavity in one of your teeth is by no means fun. Fortunately, when you visit your dentist regularly, we can discover signs of decay before they grow significantly larger. This can mean repairing them with a dental filling instead of a more involved procedure like tooth extraction. That is why… Read more »

Restoring Your Smile After Removing Decay

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When your dentist discovers a cavity in one of your teeth, removing it is the first step to restoring your smile. Because clearing out the decaying material alters the surface of your tooth, you risk beginning the decay process once again without placing a treatment to seal the outer layer. Similarly, any physical trauma that… Read more »

Sturdy Restorations For Smile Injuries

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Over the course of your life, you may run into unexpected problems with your smile. Although daily brushing and flossing go a long way towards preventing tooth decay and other oral harm, dental injuries can still occur to people with the best hygienic habits. You might wake up with a severe toothache that will not… Read more »

Restoring The Beauty Of Your Smile

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If you have a damaged tooth or wake up with a sudden ache, we could design a restoration to return the beautiful look of your smile. By neglecting to repair breaks in a tooth’s surface, you could risk developing cavities or an infection of the inner pulp chamber. By treating your tooth on time, we… Read more »

Repairing Your Smile After Injury

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Problems with your smile are often unexpected. You could wake up with a serious toothache or learn that you have a cavity at your dental checkup. Sometimes physical trauma can injure or even knock out one of your teeth. When damage occurs to the surface of a tooth, it is vital to have it inspected… Read more »

Placing Dental Restorations That Blend With Your Smile

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When you have an aching tooth, or if one sustains damage, then you need a restoration. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing a tooth to severe decay or infection! Instead, we could save the tooth with a respiration that looks natural and blends with the smile. In today’s blog, your Riverside, CA, dental practice… Read more »

Placing A Strong Dental Crown

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Your teeth are covered by outer layers of enamel which protect the underlying structure. Unfortunately, this enamel cannot regrow itself when heavily damaged. A lifetime of wear and tear, physical trauma, and decay may require a restorative solution to keep your smile strong. At our Riverside, CA dental practice, we can provide permanent support to… Read more »

How Do Crowns Protect Teeth?

When you have problems with your oral health, it is important that you make treatment a priority. The longer you spend not addressing trouble with a cavity or injury, the more harm you can ultimately experience. During your restorative treatment, your Temecula, CA dentist will focus on more than just the removal of damaged and/or… Read more »

Bring Tooth Pain To Your Dentist’s Attention

The attention you pay to your smile is important. Recognizing that something might be wrong means seeing the need to seek out care from your dentist. There are times when that timely care can have more value than you might realize. There are different ways in which our Riverside, CA dentist’s office is prepared to… Read more »

How Your Root Canal Treats Your Tooth Pain

The start of a toothache can be alarming. It can suggest that something has changed about your oral health in a way that demands professional treatment. Your discomfort can point to a problem, one that has gone unnoticed until you started to experience sensitivity or tooth pain. As a cavity worsens, you become more vulnerable… Read more »