Now that Thanksgiving smells fill the air, oven-roasted turkeys star in the show. Around the country, people will set their sights on devouring a hearty holiday feast filled with vegetables, sugary treats, and starchy side dishes. Thanksgiving can present a difficult challenge for teeth. When thinking about eating a holiday turkey, the thought might arise of how turkeys chew. In fact, turkeys use their entire digestive system to help them break down and chew food. The Corona dentists from Dental Associates of Corona discuss how turkeys chew without teeth.

Turkey Food

The way turkeys chew involves a couple components of the avian digestive system. First, turkeys use their saliva to efficiently break down food. Humans also use saliva, but do not break down food with same efficiency. Then, the turkeys use their strong stomach acids to continue to break down their food. Sadly, humans still require their teeth to chew, but studies show that over 50% of people will suffer from adult tooth loss at some point. Losing a tooth could signal the presence of gum disease.

Gum Disease and Chewing Ability

The leading cause of adult tooth loss among American adults is gum disease. More than 75% of American adults will suffer from gum disease during their lifetime. Early signs of gum disease include bleeding gums, bad breath, or repeated tooth infections. Maintaining chewing ability can decrease people’s risk for developing dementia later in life. Studies indicate that blood flow produced by chewing promotes brain health.

The Baylor College of Medicine showed that math students whom chewed gum regularly scored higher on exams than their counterparts whom didn’t chew gum. We can replace teeth with dental implants in our Corona dental offices. Dental implants can reliable replace multiple teeth or a single tooth. A digestive system like the turkeys won’t operate well for humans. Schedule a visit today for a dental implant evaluation.

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