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What Causes A Toothache?

Do you have a pain in one or more of your teeth? At some point, nearly all of us will develop pain in our teeth. The discomfort can be caused by a number of different problems, including tooth decay. Understanding the cause of your aches can help you make better choices for your oral health!

Is Stress Affecting Your Dental Health?

Stress seems to be a major part of modern life, with hectic schedules, overwhelming daily demands, and little time to decompress. The negative health effects of excessive stress are well-known and often discussed, including hypertension (high blood pressure) and an increased risk of heart disease and failure. However, daily stress can also take a toll… Read more »

A Lollipop to Stop Cavities

Kids love lollipops. Unfortunately, with a normal hard candy, pure sugar sits on teeth as the confection is sucked on and consumed over a longer period of time. By feeding the bacteria which create acid, tooth enamel weakens and teeth can become easily infected with decay. Imagine if there were a candy you could give… Read more »

Choosing the Right Corona Dentist

Finding the right general dentist can be a challenge. Informing yourself on the quality and reputation of local dental office teams is very important, but there are other factors involved which you might not even think about considering. The Corona dentists at Dental Associates of Corona will suggest some of the best ways for narrowing down your search…. Read more »

Can Spinach Benefit Dental Health?

“Eat your spinach!” is a sentiment you probably heard growing up. Perhaps you’ve heard the same words coming out of your mouth as a parent. Since Popeye hit the cartoon scene in the 1930’s, pop-culture has bred the idea that spinach makes you stronger. While eating spinach straight out of a can won’t make your… Read more »

Oral Piercings: Nothing Trendy about Damaged Teeth

Oral piercings are a trend that ebbs and flows, but if you’re a fan of expressing yourself through body ornaments, do you have all of the information you need? We are the masters of our bodies. In adulthood, we make our own decisions. Still, information can help you make the smartest choices for long term… Read more »