with the Riverside Dental Group explain what to look for in a children’s dentist.

Children’s Dental Needs

Children present unique concerns in dentistry. As a result, . For children who may not reach their back teeth during brushing, sealants could be worth considering. With sealants, a thin plastic sheet covers teeth. The sealant slowly dissolves over time, but protects from tooth decay while applied. Overall, your choice in a children’s dentist should be able to treat any problems as they arise, and make efforts to prevent them from occurring.

Pediatric Services at Riverside

Other than our preventive treatments for children, we take special care to make them comfortable. Our fluoride treatments help deter tooth decay by strengthening tooth enamel. Dental sealants are also available for patients who have no previous tooth decay in the application area. We aim to keep our patients healthy rather than treat problems that could have been prevented earlier. To ensure children have as few tooth problems as possible, we recommend scheduling appointments at the moment of first tooth eruption.

Schedule Your Appointment with Riverside Dental Group

Bring your child to our 92506 dentist office today. Pediatric dental patients who receive regular care no later than their first birthday may experience less oral health issues as they grow. To schedule an appointment, call (951) 369-1001 today. We welcome patients of all ages from Riverside and its neighboring Southern California communities.