of Riverside Dental Group explain teeth whitening.

How Whitening Works

To understand how teeth whitening agents eliminate tooth stains, we need to explain how tooth stains develop. Over time, food and dark-colored beverages form a layer on enamel called pellicle film. Whitening toothpastes can scrub this layer away, but sometimes pellicle film settles into enamel. Tooth whitening employs chemicals, like carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, to start an oxidation reaction that dissolves stains. When carbamide peroxide enters the mouth, it separates into urea and hydrogen peroxide. Active whitening takes place with hydrogen peroxide. Some procedural differences set at-home and in-office whitening apart, but the whitening process can be similar for both.

Whitening in Riverside

Sometimes, patients are too busy for an in-office tooth whitening procedure. The Riverside Dental Group offers whitening treatments that fit your schedule. We provide custom-fit trays to wear at night for your at-home whitening needs. Patients who choose this option only need to fill the tray with a provided bleaching formula and wear it an hour a day for about two weeks. For those who would like one of our dentists to whiten their teeth, we provide the Zoom! Whitening treatment. Using Zoom!, patients wait less than 2 hours for a smile that is seven to 10 shades whiter. Discuss with one of our dentistswhich whitening option best fits your needs.

Schedule a Whitening Appointment with Your Riverside Dentists

Before whitening your teeth, your mouth should be cleaned and free of cavities. Get the process started at our 92506 dentist office today. Call (951) 369-1001 to schedule an appointment. We welcome patients from Riverside and surrounding areas.