at Oasis Family Dental will explain more about timing your brushing for optimal dental health.

Enamel Erosion from Acid

When you brush your teeth immediately after meals or consuming drinks that are acidic, your teeth can really suffer. Dr. Howard R. Gamble, president of the Academy of General Dentistry notes that brushing at this time can actually push acid deeper into the enamel and dentin of your teeth. Acid reflux is another health issue that can cause enamel damage. Naturally, people afflicted with acid reflux are likely to be eager to brush their teeth after an episode. In this situation, don’t rush to brush. Rinsing your mouth with water and giving time for your saliva to neutralize the acid in your mouth will protect your enamel from erosion. If you want neutralization to happen more swiftly, a rinse of one part baking soda to eight parts of water can help.

Wait Thirty Minutes to Brush Teeth

A research study that had a group of volunteers brush their teeth at different times following a diet soda binge found that 30 minutes was an optimum amount of time to wait. Participants of the study that waited 20 minutes to brush their teeth after consumption of a soda showed an increase in dentin loss. Dentin is what lies underneath your enamel, making up the bulk of your tooth. When participants brushed 30 to 60 minutes after drinking carbonated beverages, there was considerably less wear on tooth enamel.

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