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Mouthguards Protect Their Little Smiles

Riverside Dental Group offers mouthguards to keep your teeth safe

With the new semester starting in just a few weeks, spring sports will be in session before we know it. To help protect your child’s teeth while they play their favorite games, consider getting them fit for a custom mouthguard. At Riverside Dental Group in California, we offer this tool to keep their pearly whites… Read more »

Keep Your Smile Safe With Mouthguards

Playing football, hockey, soccer, and other sports is a great way to keep yourself and your kids active and social, but there can be dangers associated with contact sports. To keep your kids safe on the field, consider getting them pro-form mouthguards. At Riverside Dental Group, we’re here today to tell you about the benefits… Read more »

The Difference Between Cosmetic And Prosthetic Solutions

If you have missing teeth, Riverside Dental Group in California can offer several solutions to this problem. We have bridges, dentures, and implants to restore function and offer veneers and other services to improve the appearance of your smile. Our team is here to help you choose the best option for yourself.

What A Healthy Mouth Says About You

A familiar adage says “The eyes are the window to the soul”, but the health of your mouth gives a knowledgable dentist in Temecula, CA some insight into the state of your overall health. You might think that a smile is just a smile, but good oral health doesn’t happen as a separate event from… Read more »

Affordable Dental Care in Corona, CA

Sometimes it’s fun to chase a bargain. Maybe you’ll take advantage of that two-for-one special at a local restaurant, or a great coupon deal on line. When it comes to the health and beauty of your teeth and mouth in Corona, CA, it doesn’t always make sense to go for the least expensive option. Yet,… Read more »

The Partnership of Teeth and Technology

Technology has become a part of daily life, in ways both large and small. You see technology in action hundreds of times a day, from coordinated traffic lights to grocery store check out lanes. Your teeth see the benefit from technology too. Of course, there is no substitute for caring human interactions, whether you are… Read more »

Your Corona Dentist’s Quiz: Canker Sore Confusion

Your Corona dentist knows you are not happy about your canker sore. As a result, you have at your disposal the use of one very helpful quiz. By answering true-or-false questions to the best of your ability (and then considering the answers), you will quickly discover the relief, answers, and guidance you require to do… Read more »

Can I Ignore a Missing Tooth?

When a front tooth is lost, we rarely hear our patient’s debate whether or not to have a restorative procedure such as a dental implant, to maintain their smile. But what’s wrong with ignoring a space when a back tooth is lost, due to accident or decay? The prudent action is to replace any missing tooth,… Read more »

Learn About Payment Plans For 2017

What’s that? It’s another year and you’re not sure you’ll be able to keep your resolution to care for your dental health? Why not? Ah, you say you don’t have dental insurance yet, so you might wait just one more year until you begin caring for your smile? While we can certainly appreciate the fact… Read more »

New Patient Special!

Have you been looking for a new dental practice to call your own? Perhaps the holiday season showed up and derailed your plans, taking up your time (and possibly altering your budget just a bit). Fortunately, there’s no time like the present to care for your teeth and nothing like a new patient special to… Read more »