at Dental Associates of Corona challenge you to a quiz on dental health as we age.


Q1. True or false – A family caregiver is someone that helps people that are injured, elderly, or otherwise incapacitated.

Q2. True or false – means the health of the lymph nodes.

Q3. True or false – Never use a child’s toothbrush on an adult, no matter what their age.


A1. TRUE – As we age, it can become difficult or even impossible to care for ourselves. For people that don’t have family to help, family caregivers are an option to ensure that all of the basic needs (including oral hygiene) are being met. It is important to make decisions on who you want to care for you when you still have the mental faculties to make such decisions. Focusing on consistently good dental health throughout your entire life and well into your later years will be helpful to avoid gum disease, tooth decay, and other infections of the mouth.

A2. FALSE – Oral-systemic health refers to how your oral health affects your overall health. The bacteria that cause gum disease and tooth decay have been found in other parts of the body. Research is still being done, but the medical and dental fields are in agreement that poor dental health can lead to or complicate many conditions, including heart disease, strokes, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s Disease.

A3. FALSE –  If you are responsible for the care of someone that has memory issues, or is easily confused, a child’s toothbrush can be helpful. Cooperation may be a struggle.  When an elderly person is unwilling to open their mouth very widely, the smaller size of a child’s toothbrush can do the trick to at least attempt a good daily brushing or two. As further decline occurs, children’s toothpaste might be an option if the patient no longer has the ability to rinse and spit.

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