will explain how teeth grinding can afflict children as well.

The Stressful Lives of Kids Today

In the United States, there are many stresses brought upon young children. If around 50% of marriages end in divorce, imagine how many children are dealing with the issues of a broken home. School demands seem much more challenging these days, with the expectations higher from a younger age. Learning disabilities and challenges like ADHD are a reality for many kids who are just trying to get decent grades. Then there are all of the social issues that can be quite overwhelming as our children grow up so quickly in our savvy, internet-based world. No wonder a child might be clenching their jaw and grinding their teeth from time-to-time.

Teeth Grinding

You might think, “what’s the big deal with a little teeth grinding?” Maybe it’s a bit annoying, but what’s the harm, right? Unfortunately, that’s not true. Teeth grinding can be very detrimental to teeth, no matter what your age. The constant pressure and sawing motion of bruxism is terrible for tooth enamel. Without enamel (the hardest substance in our body and the second strongest on earth) you are much more likely to have cavities in your teeth. If you think your child is grinding their teeth either during the day, or at night, get them in to see a dentist immediately. Your Moreno Valley family dentists can suggest strategies, or even fit your child with a customized mouthguard to retrain the jaw and hopefully stop the grind.

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