will tell you about how to deal with teeth that are displaced from the roots.

Dealing With Knocked Out Teeth

To begin, it’s worth noting that if a person’s injury is serious, or they are unconscious, dial 911. If the only apparent sign of injury is a knocked out tooth, time is still of the essence, particularly if the tooth is in one piece and has been retrieved. Displaced teeth can be re-implanted in a great many cases, but this needs to be done within 30 minutes for the best chance of success.

Be sure to handle the tooth or teeth fragments with the utmost care. Touch only the top part (crown) of the tooth. If there is dirt or debris, rinse the tooth off. Make sure you also gently rinse your mouth out with warm water to prevent infection.

Fast Action

If the tooth is in one piece, and you have access to gauze, you may be able to reinsert the tooth into the correct socket. Bite down on a gauze pad to hold tooth in place and get the emergency dentist right away. If the lost tooth is a baby tooth, or the tooth is in several fragments, store those in whole milk, or between your cheek and gums, to prevent the tooth from drying out.

Be sure to control the bleeding by applying gentle pressure with clean gauze or cloth. If you are in a lot of pain, use ice or a cool compress. Take over-the-counter pain medication if you feel it might help, and you have no allergies or adverse reactions to such medicines. Get to the emergency dentist as quickly as possible and be sure not to forget to bring the tooth.

Contact Your Corona General Dentists

If your regular dentist is not available when you sustain an injury to your teeth or gums, find the closest one and call them as quickly as possible. At Dental Associates of Corona, we offer  by calling (951) 273-9580. We serve patients in the 92879 area and surrounding communities.