urge parents to begin introducing small children to regular oral hygiene before their first tooth erupts. Does that sound counter-intuitive? Well, even without an actual tooth to brush, wiping gums with a clean washcloth after feedings will get babies used to having their mouths cleaned. As teeth begin to erupt, we offer you this guide to early brushing.

Brushing Toddler’s Teeth

If you have spent much time with a baby, you’ll recognize their natural curiosity about anything that comes into their path – especially if it’s off limits. If you try to stick a toothbrush in a toddler’s mouth, expect that they will attempt to grab it away from you. They want to control the experience themselves. Take advantage of this. The perfect way to get little ones used to the idea of regular teeth brushing is to keep them involved. Before long, they will develop familiarity with their toothbrush, and oral hygiene will be a routine from before they can even remember. Just be sure you don’t let toddlers walk around with the toothbrush in their mouth, for safety purposes.

Toddler Brushing 101

As fun and lively as they are, toddlers can be uncooperative and inconsistent at times. Trying to properly brush the tiny teeth of a toddler is likely to be challenging, but practice can make perfect. Begin with a small amount of non-fluoride “training toothpaste” on a toothbrush designed for toddlers. These brushes have smaller heads and softer bristles. Some children are more cooperative than others when it comes to getting their teeth brushed. However, you may have to find a physical position that helps you gently keep them still while still giving you access to properly brush your little one’s teeth. Use a circular motion to focus on cleaning the front and back teeth all the way up to the gumline, especially focusing on the chewing surfaces of the molars.

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