at Riverside Dental Group are happy to provide such an environment, as well as multiple services for children, beyond cleanings and exams.

Orthodontics: The Younger the Better

Orthodontic issues are easiest when tackled in children. Though there’s certainly nothing wrong with an adult going after the straight teeth they’ve always wanted, straightening your child’s teeth when they’re small is an amazing gift to give them that can last a lifetime.  Malocclusion and crooked, overlapping teeth are not just a cosmetic dental problem. People that have well-aligned and straight smiles will have an infinitely easier time being effective with their oral hygiene practices. If you are concerned with the way your child’s teeth are developing, consult with your Corona dentists.

Bruxism in Children

Our fast-paced American society can breed stress at younger and younger ages. Kids are dealing with social pressures, educational pressures, challenges at home…the list could easily go on and on. One way that people of all ages deal with stress is clenching and grinding their jaw and teeth. This is clinically known as bruxism, but whatever you refer to the condition as, your TMJs can become chronically sore, and teeth can be worn down at a faster than normal rate. Dentists can tell by the way your teeth look if there has been too much grinding going on. Children and adults, alike, that have teeth grinding issues may be prescribed with customized mouthguards to help minimize the issue.

Dental Checkups from Corona Dentists

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