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2 Things To Remind Teens And Adult Kiddos

Your kids are nearly on their own, which means you aren’t completely sure how they’re going to take care of their oral health without you! Fortunately, as long as you do your best with preparing them, you can rest assured that you’ve tried your hardest and hopefully the habits they’ve formed will stick with them… Read more »

All Natural: Automatically Good For Oral Health?

If you pick up a package of a food you love at the grocery store and it says, “All Natural” on it, does that mean it’s definitely good for your smile health? Nope! While it’s possible that it’s good for your smile, it’s also possible that it isn’t good for your smile! So, how to… Read more »

Drinking Green Tea: A Quiz

Your friends have been telling you that you should drink green tea. You see online that this beverage is packed full of antioxidants. You get a general sense that it must be good because it’s on the shelves of every health food store you visit. After a while, you start wondering whether it really offers… Read more »

Can Spinach Benefit Dental Health?

“Eat your spinach!” is a sentiment you probably heard growing up. Perhaps you’ve heard the same words coming out of your mouth as a parent. Since Popeye hit the cartoon scene in the 1930’s, pop-culture has bred the idea that spinach makes you stronger. While eating spinach straight out of a can won’t make your… Read more »

Six Month Dental Checkups: Really Necessary? Yes!

You’ve probably heard about the six month rule for most of your life. Besides brushing and flossing daily, you should see the Corona dentists at Dental Associates of Corona (or your closest family dentist) every six months for a dental checkup and cleaning. When you take good care of your teeth, your dentist tells you… Read more »

Dentistry for Children in Corona, CA

at Riverside Dental Group are happy to provide such an environment, as well as multiple services for children, beyond cleanings and exams. Orthodontics: The Younger the Better Orthodontic issues are easiest when tackled in children. Though there’s certainly nothing wrong with an adult going after the straight teeth they’ve always wanted, straightening your child’s teeth