at Dental Associates of Corona, offer a guide to early brushing.

How to Get Started

Capitalize on the natural curiosity of young babies and toddlers in introducing them to oral hygiene practices. If you try and force a toothbrush on them with no warning, prying their mouth open and struggling against them, they will likely have bad associations with brushing their teeth from the start. This can be very difficult to turn around. Instead, try approaching dental self-care by introducing baby to the new toothbrush, as if it were some fun new toy. They will enjoy gumming and gnawing on the toddler sized toothbrush, and it will become a comforting and familiar item to them as a result. Gently open their mouth and brush their teeth in a gentle way to get them used to the feeling, but if they seem nervous or uncomfortable, don’t force things. Try finding a different position, or give them time to calm down and try again when they seem more in the mood.

How Should You Brush Your Toddler’s Teeth?

Brushing tiny toddler teeth (particularly if you have a squirmy, active baby) can be challenging for even the most patient parents. Be sure to choose a toothbrush specifically for toddlers. They have smaller heads and softer bristles to protect fragile gum tissues. Severe over-exposure to fluoride can lead to white and brown spots and streaks on teeth that haven’t emerged yet. Arm the brush with a small bit of non-fluoridated training toothpaste until otherwise directed by your dentist. Some children are bound to be less cooperative than others when it comes to getting their teeth brushed. Do your best to find a comfortable and safe place and position to get the most out of your brushing sessions. Try laying them on the bed, or across your lap with their head at your knees. Use a circular motion while brushing both the front and back of each tooth they have. Encourage them to get in the spitting habit from early on, even if the toothpaste has no fluoride for now.

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