Crowns may have represented riches and royalty in history. Dental crowns signify something altogether different – dental restoration. If you have lost or broken a tooth due to injury or decay, a crown might be the best way to restore both form and function to your teeth. Sometimes crowns can end up becoming ill-fitted, or fall out completely. Corona dentists at Dental Associates of Corona will explain more about a possible loss of integrity with dental crowns.

Black Lines from Dental Crowns

Materials used for dental restorations have significantly improved over the years. Metal is not as common in dental restoration procedures anymore. Tooth-colored composite-resin materials, porcelain, zirconia and other such strong and natural looking fabrications are more often chosen because of their cosmetic advantages. Not only do these materials mimic natural tooth-color and reflection, but metal has the distinction of causing the appearance of a black line at the gum ridge. Even porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns can cause this issue because of the way the edge of the metal appears against your gumline.

Proper Adhesion for Dental Crowns

You must have adequate existing tooth structure when a dental crown is placed. If your dentist was to poorly prepare your tooth, or attempt a crown without a reasonable amount of tooth left, the crown might fail. The materials used for the bonding process should be of a high quality, and properly administered by an experienced and meticulous dentist.

With a well-prepped bonding surface and a quality adhesive you should have a beautiful, healthy crown for years to come. However, if the bonding surface becomes contaminated by bacteria in your saliva, there could be a future problem with decay and/or loosening of the crown. If you discover a loose dental crown, don’t hesitate to contact your Corona dentists immediately. Steps will need to be taken to correct the problem before your tooth’s dentin and roots are exposed to more bacteria.

Corona Dentists Provide Strong and Comfortable Crowns

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