at Dental Associates of Corona will answer some frequently asked questions about recession of gum tissue.

Gum Recession FAQs

Q1. Can receding gums happen regardless of oral hygiene?

A1. Yes. Regardless of dental self-care habits, receding gums are liable to occur naturally as you age. The older you get, the more likely you are to have some shrinking of gum tissue. As this happens, a larger amount of your dentin can start to become exposed. Even if you brush faithfully twice-a-day, floss daily, and see your dentist every six months for checkups and cleanings, you may still be susceptible to gum recession. However, these efforts are not futile, and may keep your gum tissues much healthier for a lot longer, so keep up the good work.

Q2. Is gum recession really a big deal?

A2. It can be. Gums protect the roots of your teeth. As they recede, your dental pulp will become exposed. This means that your roots can become infected and you may end up needing an endodontic treatment (root canal procedure). Inflamed and infected roots and gums can lead to tooth loss if they are ignored.

Q3. Is there anything else that exacerbates gum recession?

Q3. Besides aging and poor oral hygiene, gum recession can occur as a result of tobacco use, overly aggressive brushing, and hormonal fluctuations.

Corona Dentists are Available for Dental Checkups

If you want healthy gum tissue, your best bet is to keep up with regular dental checkups and daily oral hygiene practices. If there is an issue with gum recession, your dentists in Corona will be able to make recommendations so the oral health backlash is minimal. If you are due for a checkup, contact our Corona dental office. You can schedule a consultation by calling (951) 273-9580. We serve patients in the 92879 area and surrounding communities.