at Dental Associates of Moreno Valley would like to quiz you on how whole grains are not refined, and so they can actually be good for your dental health.


Q1. True or false: Whole grains are picked straight from farm to table and require no processing.

Q2. True or false: Whole grains have anti-inflammatory properties.

Q3. True or false: Anything good for your heart may also be good for your gums, and vice-versa.


A1. FALSE: Grains still require some processing to be used in food, but any grain that is intact (germ, endosperm, and bran) will qualify under the definition of whole.

A2. TRUE: Whole grains can reduce inflammation which may directly result in helping ease periodontal disease. Gum disease is a bacterial infection that is marked by inflammation, so when you eat a diet to balance your pH it can be helpful in stalling gum disease.

A3. TRUE: Gum disease and heart disease are often linked under the umbrella of what is called . Because there has been such compelling research regarding the relationship between gum disease and other conditions such as coronary artery disease, it would stand to reason that if someone is good for your heart, it may also be good for your gums. Whole grains are known to be good for both.

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