Do you have a pool, or access to one, that you look forward to spending plenty of time in this summer? Sitting poolside, reading a book while your kids jump in and out of the water, frolicking, playing, and being active in the warm sun is a quintessential summer image. Unfortunately, all of that swimming could possibly lead to tooth damage if your pool is not maintained properly. Dr. Leila Jahangiri of New York University College of Dentistry wants to warn people about enamel erosion that can happen quickly and suddenly as a result of improper pool conditions. Your Riverside dentists at Riverside Dental Group will talk more about this phenomenon in today’s blog.

PH Levels from Pool Chlorination

Backyard pools are a dream-come-true for many families in warm climates. The idea that you can spend your summer days rolling out of bed and swimming for hours seems like a winning situation. Fun activities like these are a great way to get exercise without even realizing. What could be wrong with that?

Permanent teeth damage can be an unfortunate side effect of an imbalance of chlorination in a swimming pool. Says Dr. Jahangiri, “It is a difficult balance to maintain home pools properly. Proper pool chlorine and pH levels need to be monitored and maintained on a weekly basis” Because this meticulous maintenance can be expensive when sought from a professional pool service, homeowners often decide to maintain their pools on their own. Their inexperience could be a disaster for dental health, however, when improper pH level exposure cause irreversible damage to teeth.

Fast and Furious Enamel Erosion Among Swimmers

The research paper published by Dr. Jahangiri and her team drew from information on a 52-year-old male patient who reported dark staining, extreme teeth sensitivity, and surprisingly rapid tooth enamel loss over a very short period of five months. This patient enjoyed a daily 90 minute swimming exercise routine, and maintained his pool on his own. After examining other possibilities, improper pool chlorination was determined to be the cause of his enamel erosion. Dr. Jahangiri is eager to get the word out to save people from the same dental fate. “Given all the owner-maintained backyard swimming pools there are, the possibilities for people to harm their own teeth are staggering,” she said.

Dental Checkups from Riverside Dentists

If you maintain your own pool, there is never a better time than this summer to make sure you’re keeping up with your dental checkups from your Riverside dentists. To schedule a consultation, call our 92504 dentist office at (951) 689-5031 for all of your dental care needs.