are certainly concerned with the impact sucrose has on dental health, but we will honor National Candy Month by highlighting the good side of one of the most popular candies – chocolate.

Cocoa Beans: Another Superfood?

High quality chocolate is made from cocoa beans. These powerful beans are full of polyphenols, tannins, and flavonoids. Polyphenols and tannins are incredible substances regarding dental health because they can actually inhibit bacterial growth, thereby stopping acid production and plaque development. This translates into fewer cavities and less periodontal disease (gum disease). Just remember that in order to enjoy these dental health benefits, you need to stick with simple dark chocolate which contains higher concentrations of healthy polyphenols and tannins, and less sugar. If the future, perhaps we’ll see cocoa flavored toothpaste or chocolate mouthwash on the market.

More on Your Chocolate Choices

Unfortunately, most of us (especially children) are more accustomed to candy that contains high concentrations of sucrose and bad fats, and very little cacao. If you are choosing milk chocolate surrounding sugary peanut butter or caramel cores, you are probably going to do your teeth more harm than good. Tooth decay can be avoided with proper diet and proper dental care. If you start accustoming your young ones (and yourself) to darker and darker chocolates, your taste buds will begin to get used to the lack of sweetness that you’re used to from much more sugary treats. You will also be giving your heart potential benefits from a small amount of daily dark chocolate, with 70% or more cacao.

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