at Oasis Family Dental will tell you more about the relationship between soda and your teeth.

Excessive Soda Drinking

Approximately 48% of Americans drink soda every single day. Back in the 1950s, your average soda serving was 6.5 ounces. As you surely know, this is much smaller than what soda lovers are used to these days. As portions of food have grown, so have soda sizes. Small, medium, and large are not the beginning, middle, and end any more. Now there’s extra large, super large, gigantic, the size of a small house. Just go to a gas station mini-mart, or check out the concession stand at your local movie theatre, and you’ll realize how far we have veered away from 6.5 ounces.

Tooth Enamel Erosion

Studies have compared the tooth damage that can ensue from drinking soda to doing certain hardcore street drugs. If you’ve ever heard someone say “soda is like crack,” trying to be funny, they’re actually not that far off. Both substances can erode your tooth enamel with their acidic properties. The more you drink of soda, the more erosion that is possible, and the less time your tooth enamel has to recover from the softening that acid causes. There is no winner between regular soda and diet soda in terms of oral health: both can equally erode tooth enamel.

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Maintaining oral health and regular dental exams should help keep your teeth healthy, even if you do indulge in an occasional soda. If it is time for your six-month checkup, your dentists in Temecula can provide comprehensive dental care for our patients of all ages. Contact our 92591 dental office by calling (951) 695-2290 to schedule an appointment today. We welcome patients from Temecula and all surrounding communities.