at Riverside Dental Group will tell you more about one of the longest used methods for restoring missing teeth: traditional dentures.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are made out of acrylic and porcelain to provide a natural but flawless look when you smile. The portion of dentures designed to appear like gingival tissues (gums) sit on top of your actual gums. Natural suction creates a tight fit so your dentures will (hopefully) stay in place. Some people do prefer to use adhesives or dental pastes when their dentures are overdue for an adjustment or they want to eat difficult-to-chew food. Dentures are removable, and serve patients missing only some teeth (partial dentures) or missing every last one (full dentures). There’s even something called immediate dentures which are adjusted to your mouth in the dentist’s office immediately after teeth are extracted, with no healing time needed.

Adjusting to Dentures

Do you wear contact lenses in your eyes? Or are you someone that once tried them, and couldn’t stand the way they felt? Dentures aren’t the solution for every single person. But if you work through discomfort with something like a contact lens, often times, you end up getting used to them and forgetting that they’re even there.

If you are giving dentures a try and you feel frustrated by the fact that food doesn’t seem to feel or taste the same, have some patience. First time denture wearers sometimes feel unsatisfied with the way chewing feels, and they mistake this as sense of taste. In reality, your dentures shouldn’t be impeding your taste buds. It’s more about feel, and that is something you can grow accustomed to. If a few weeks pass, and you’re still frustrated, call your Riverside, CA dentists to troubleshoot possible solutions.

Riverside, CA Dentists Can Provide Dentures

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