Incorrect alignment of the upper and lower dental arches is called malocclusion. You may have heard of overbites and underbites. There’s also something called a crossbite where your teeth angle in different directions rather than straight up-and-down. Many people are used to braces as the only possible option for straightening teeth. Fortunately, dental innovations have developed technology such as Invisalign to allow you to undergo teeth straightening without the drawbacks of traditional metal braces. Your Corona dentists would like to answer some frequently asked questions about Invisalign.

Invisalign FAQs

Q1. Is Invisalign really clear?

A1. It’s very close. Think of the way the aligners look as similar to contact lenses. If you get extremely close to the eyes of someone that has contacts, you can see the circular rim vaguely. But how often is someone going to look at someone else that closely? You can rest assured that you’ll be pretty incognito with Invisalign.

Q2. Do you eat with the aligners in?

A2. No. This is another big advantage that Invisalign has over traditional braces. With brackets and wires, certain foods will be completely off limits, and others are likely to get caught in your braces causing embarrassment until you’re able to put in the laborious effort to clean every morsel out. Invisalign aligners are to be removed when you eat and brush your teeth, so you can say goodbye to restrictions and annoying remnants of your lunch or dinner left behind in your braces. This also makes it easier to keep teeth and gums clean throughout treatment, thereby avoiding tooth decay and gum disease.

Q3. Is straightening teeth just a superficial pursuit? Shouldn’t we just accept what we were born with?

A3. There’s more to the straightening story than just aesthetics. When teeth are misaligned, you become more likely to succumb to other dental issues. A bite that doesn’t close properly can lead you directly into temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). A misaligned bite can also be a recipe for worn down teeth. Meanwhile, keeping crooked or overlapping teeth properly clean is much harder. Straightening your teeth can be an investment to help you avoid cavities and periodontal disease.

Invisalign from Corona Dentists

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