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Solutions To Straighten Teeth

Is it time to address concerns with the spacing of your teeth? It can be hard to fully enjoy your appearance when you have noticeable gaps in your smile. As you seek solutions to straighten your teeth, you will find there are multiple methods to provide orthodontic correction. To bring your teeth into desirable positions,… Read more »

Fixing Teeth That Overlap

If you have teeth that look out of place because they overlap, you can have some understandable doubts about your smile. This is a problem that can hurt your appearance as well as your oral health; in addition to issues with an asymmetrical, unflattering smile, this problem can make spaces between teeth harder to clean…. Read more »

Orthodontics Without Metal Braces

You know you have a problem with poorly spaced teeth, and you know you would like to show off a more attractive smile. Does this mean your next step has to involve metal braces? Many people assume that they will have to depend on these traditional appliances to make the changes they want, but this… Read more »

The Choice To Begin Orthodontic Work

What motivates someone to begin orthodontic treatment? There are meaningful cosmetic benefits that this service provides. At the end of your adjustment, you no longer have to worry about the embarrassment that you feel when you look at your smile, as gaps and overlaps between teeth will no longer be present. You can also enjoy… Read more »

Planning Your Orthodontic Work

After you talk to your Riverside, CA dentist about orthodontic work, you can feel more excited to begin treatment. One reason for this is that you can learn about how this work can improve your oral health as well as your appearance. Another is that you can find that there are welcome alternatives to care… Read more »

Your Smile Care With Clear Aligners

When you have problems with poor teeth spacing, you can feel stuck with a smile that you are reluctant to share with the world. In addition to providing corrective work with traditional orthodontic appliances, our Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office is prepared to offer Invisalign clear aligners to help those with gaps and overlaps between… Read more »

Fixing Teeth That Are Not In Alignment

Do you have problems with your smile because of poor teeth spacing? This is a problem that many people deal with, and it can make it difficult for you to truly feel comfortable with the way you look. At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we can recommend an effective solution based on your needs as… Read more »

Our Practice Can Straighten Crooked Smiles

There are different concerns about your smile that you can readily bring to your dentist’s attention. However, there are times when you may assume that an oral health issue needs to be brought up elsewhere. One of those issues is poor smile alignment, or malocclusion, which refers to any issues with poor teeth spacing. Our… Read more »

Fitting Invisalign Into Your Life

Is there something you can do about poor teeth spacing that will not create problems for your daily life? As effective as they are at fixing issues with malocclusion, metal braces can be hard for others to ignore. They can also make you uncomfortable with eating and cleaning your smile. Fortunately, there are alternative appliances that can… Read more »

Discreet Aligners Can Address Uneven Teeth Spacing

The way your teeth are spaced can hurt the way you look. What you might not realize is that your trouble with malocclusion can also interfere with your bite function and efforts at maintaining good oral hygiene. The good news is that this is a fixable issue, one that may not require metal braces. Instead,… Read more »