at Dental Associates of Moreno Valley will tell you more about saliva.

Saliva’s Role

Without saliva, how could you swallow food? Saliva helps moisten the delicacies you consume so that they can be comfortably pushed down your throat and into your digestive system. Saliva works for you in your mouth, and all the way down into your esophagus. This protects your esophageal walls. Saliva also enhances the pleasure of eating by changing the way flavors taste. Food actually begins to break down the second that it hits your mouth. Chewing and saliva work in conjunction to ensure a reduction of food particles that will be easier to digest.

Combatting Dry Mouth

Saliva has inherent antibacterial properties for cleaning your mouth. The liquid that is produced by your salivary glands also physically washes away food particles. Bacteria in your mouth can wreak much greater havoc if they are well-fed. They rely on sucrose from sugary foods or high-carbohydrate items. When saliva provides a constant shower in your mouth, the bacterial population remains lower. People with a condition called dry mouth are more prone to issues such as tooth decay and gum disease because bacteria gain more power without saliva. If you have dry mouth, you can try drinking more water and chewing gum to stimulate salivary gland production. If that doesn’t work, contact your Riverside dentists to uncover and treat the issue.

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