at Dental Associates of Moreno Valley will tell you more things to consider when choosing a pediatric dentist.

Pleasant Pediatric Dentistry

Every child is different. Is your little one an extravert that has never met a stranger? Or are they shy and a bit more anxious than the average? A good will not take a one-size-fits-all approach to their young patients. However, there are certain kid-friendly amenities that a dental office can offer which are likely to bring comfort to most children, regardless of their personality type. Elements such as a playroom, chairside DVD players, and prize chests can make going to the dentist feel like a real treat to your child. Your Moreno Valley dentists understand this. We are also sensitive to scheduling challenges. Contact us and we can see about fitting your family in at a time that is convenient for you.

Multi-Specialty Practice

Even when you’re child is a toddler going to their first dental appointment, you may want to look ahead to the future. Though you may move, or need to switch dentists because of insurance changes, in general, the best plan is to stick with the familiarity of the same family dentist, as long as their giving you the service you desire. As you make your choice, remember that your child’s needs might go beyond preventive, restorative, or even cosmetic dentistry needs as they grow older. Orthodontics are a very common necessity for adolescents and teenagers whose permanent teeth are making their debut. Spa-like dentistry can be an extra treat for teenaged girls, combining facials, microdermabrasion, and massage with basic dental needs.

Pediatric Dentists in Moreno Valley

The Dental Associates of Moreno Valley offer comprehensive, compassionate family dentistry in addition to a wide range of specialized services. To schedule an appointment, call our 92533 dentist office at (951) 697-6800.